The Seeds of Guardin

Guardin came to life when a group of like-minded individuals came into contact with a powerful idea.

All of these individuals had many years of experience in the product protection industry. Over this time, there had been incredible advances in antimicrobial and other functional ingredients. But there were also growing concerns about what these ingredients were introducing into the environment and our bodies.

In their personal lives, Guardin’s future partners were becoming increasingly concerned about the health of our planet, and putting time and energy into going greener. Naturally, they began to ask: can’t the product protection industry start to do the same?

The question then became: is it possible to deliver the protective qualities that the public demands, in solutions that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective?

In answer to that question, they founded Guardin, a company devoted to developing the most effective, greenest product protection and functional finish technologies in the industry today.


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